Sunday, July 13, 2008

Daredevil's Centrific Feats #1 - Snatching Arrows

In the following panels, taken from DD vol.1 #199, written by Denny O'Neil and penciled by William Johnson, we find Matt Murdock in Japan, running through some snowy woods, in company of a delicious Asian girl (Yuriko Darkwind, the future Lady Deathstrike), pursued by the henchmen of an evil crimelord with a taste for medieval japanese stuff.

- The lord Dark Wind's archers. We must run...
- From bows and arrows?

Tell her, Matt. A titular superhero doesn't run from antediluvian weapons, no matter what corny name the guy who sent them has chosen for himself.

Upon this sight, the three archers, being honourable and loyal - as convenient to guys dressed in japanese medieval clothes - but not stupid, turn their heels and flee. Presumably to their mamas.

The panel is then followed with the memorable exchange between Yuriko and Matt, which gives the name to this series of entries that will deal with the most astonishing feats performed by Daredevil during his career.

- You are... is the word
- Sensational. Or terrific. Anyway thanks.

F#@%, yeah.
Also, this series of entries is dedicated to my friend Alessandro...

... per cui, attenzione.


JP Nguyen said...

That's the kind of scene that, as a kid, I found so cool !
And, as an "adult"... I still digg it !

Francesco said...

I knew you would've liked this one, Alley. :)

I have other posts planned, but suggestions are more than welcome.

JP Nguyen said...

Suggestions for other centrific feats :
- DD, deafened by gunshot, deflecting a bullet with his billy club (early Miller run, on Pier 42)
- DD opening the Kingpin's vault (with the huge, massive door), DD#171
- DD saving the world by playing heads or tails with Grandmaster (Giant Size Defenders)

Christine said...

Question for JP: I've heard of that DD saving the world thing, but I've never actually read it myself. I read somewhere that he uses his senses some way to know which way the coin is going to fall or something. Is this true? If so, how the heck does that work? LOL

Yeah, just me and my questioning scientific mind again... ;)

Francesco said...

My explanation is that his heightened sense of touch makes it so he can throw the coin with the exact force needed to have it land on a pre-desired side, and that he has tried this trick many times before (just for solacing himself, he probably didn't expect it to become this useful).

JP Nguyen said...

The explanation given in the book is :
"My touch is so sensitive that I could feel exactly how the disc was balanced... how to flip it so that it had come up heads!"
Another explanation is DD is really without fear...

Francesco said...

I'm going with this last, I think :p

Gloria said...

I can only say... Centrific!!

I want DD to do this kind of thing again (i mean, being so awesomely centrific, not to mention the smile)