Saturday, September 27, 2008

Daredevil's centrific feats #3 - "Never mind..."

From DD(II) #78:

F@#%, yeah.

(damn, I miss Bendis. I really do)


JP Nguyen said...

JP - Really ?
F - Really what ?
JP - I mean... you really miss Bendis ?
F - Yeah, I do miss Mister Bendis.
JP - Huh. Well it's ok.
F - You don't mean it!
JP - No, no, it's ok.
F - Just tell me the truth!
JP - Well, I had a few problems with his story-arcs. Like...
F - Like ?
JP - First, they were...
F - what ?
JP - a little bit too...
F - what ?
JP - decompressed
F - Is that all ?
JP - No.
F - What else ?
JP - Lots of continuity goofs like Elektra stabbing Ben in the movie theater or Melvin Potter's daughter coming straight from nowhere, arcs starting strong with poor endings like Decalogue, Golden Age and Murdock Papers, nonsense characterization like Matt attacking Elektra in Murdock Papers, other small stuff like Milla's friend introduced in her fist arc but not even present at her wedding...
F - Well...
JP - huh ?
F - At least he had not Matt cheating on Milla.
JP - Would it be so bad ?
F - To me, it's a major mischaracterization!
JP - Nocenti. Typhoid Mary.

Francesco said...

You are a jerk.

JP Nguyen said...

I just wanted to state my opinion in a humourous way.
Giving examples and all.
But it's just my opinion.
There was room for debate but all I got is a (unexpected) "You are a jerk."
And I thought I was talking to F, not JC.

Francesco said...

Yeah, I sort of noticed it was meant to be humorous. Unfortunately I found it a little superficial, and a little undeserved.

Christine said...

Hmm... I see what you were trying to do there, JP, and it was sort of funny (God knows I have the same problems with Bendis that you pointed out). The problem is that you were making fun of Francesco more than you were making fun of Bendis. Just something to think about...