Monday, November 3, 2008

1000th visitor!

We're interrupting the hiatus to inform readers of this blog that we have reached the goal of a thousand visitors!
Currently, this blog gets an average of 15 visitors a day, most of whom reach it through google images. Regular visitors, especially those who reach the site directly from its url, are a little more sporadic.
By a weird coincidence, the 1000th visitor (since I put up the sitemeter actually, so it's not really the 1000th, but still) is one of the few regular visitors I have.
Details at sitemeter say he/she is located in Jonesboro, Arkansas and that he/she reached this site on Nov 3 2008 at 1:15:55, directly from its url. I wonder who may this person be.

No wonder, actually. I'm pretty sure I know this person. This is quite a nice coincidence.
You win a hug and a pat on the shoulder. :)

See you around and keep checking this blog.


1 comment:

Darediva said...

And thank you, thankyouverymuch! I'm happy to have the 1000th visit. Now, where are my balloons?