Monday, May 26, 2008

"You can thank Daredevil for that one"

Onboard the Helicarrier...

SHIELD personnel is pretending to earn their taxdollar payed salary, monitoring the situation and notifying every darn single event that happens in the Marvel Universe to their handlebar moustached commanding officer (who may or may not be Dum Dum Dugan), like if the poor man could keep in mind all those unrelated bits of informations on his own.
Suddenly, a man in a SHIELD crew uniform enters the main deck...

...and thwacks moustache-officer in the head by flinging a flashlight at him, showing an ability at throwing oblong objects that reminds a lot that of a certain superhero. The element of surprise expired, the agents attack the mysterious assailant, who however proves to be more than a match for them:

The attacker makes a blind reverse somersault, kicking two foes in the head upon landing. Only a martial artist like Daredevil could have performed such a feat, as confirmed by the mystery man's cynical remark. How can all of this be explained?
The man in question is none other than the Taskmaster, a ruthless mercenary with an ability commonly called "photographic reflexes", which consist in the fact that he can duplicate to perfection any physical action he has previously watched (for example, Captain America's proficiency with the shield, Hawkeye's marksmanship or, as in the case here presented, Daredevil's moveset and fighting abilities).

This sequence of panels, taken from a post Civil War issue of "Marvel Comics Presents", shows that, while DD seldom appears outside his own book (often as a mere a walk on), and is generally overlooked among the characters of the Marvel universe, a thing that is universally acknowledged is that, in the fictional world he lives in, he's considered one of the most formidable hand to hand fighters and an excellent acrobat.

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