Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Lady Bullseye": The Aftermath.


...we didst not see that coming!

Confronted with the sudden and unexpected offer of having all of his current problems "solved" (according to the Hand's twisted logic) and becoming one of the Hand's leaders, our boy Matt Murdock refused! And with what a determination!
(I wasn't certainly referring to Brubaker's DD being able to land a hit on an A-list Villain again)


Hell hath no fury like a sociopathic asian villainess with eastern martial arts training who gets no as an answer!

And so, Lady Bullseye leaves Daredevil with the promise of returning soon and making his life even worse!
(which, by the way, shouldn't be that much of a big deal by now for one with a personal history such as that of Matt Murdock, but still...)

The ninja organization, led by Lord Hirochi, has in fact temporarily withdrawn their agents, to travel to Europe and enact another part of their as of yet undisclosed plans...

Did I mention that, through their dark rituals, the nefarious Hand have managed to bring on their side the dreaded "Salt & Pepper" duo of Black Tarantula and White Tiger? The two ex allies of Matt are now as evil as they can be, subservient to the perverted will of Hirochi and with totally awesome glowing red eyes.

Plus, they now hate Matt and everything he stands for.

Not all hope is lost, however! Izo, ancient master of martial arts (and mentor of Matt's mentor), whose ninja-hacking skills are only surpassed by his obnoxiousness and love for anything that contains alcohol, is on the hero's side. His cunning and wisdom will certainly prove to be unvaluable to face the coming onslaught of the Hand.

At the same time, Matt had to make another suffered resolve. As part of Hand's plan to forcedly remove his problems, his wife's parents threatened to legally request the relieving of Milla's custody from him. Adding weight to this threat, they also revealed Matt they were in possession of compromising photos attesting his one-time tryst with his friend and P.I. Dakota North.

The decision was hard to make, but in the end Matt resolved to fight in court to maintain the custody of his wife. His trusted friend and associate Foggy Nelson, despite having advised him against this decision (arguing that at this point it could have been the best solution for Milla), will stand by his side on this front of the battle.

And so, the chapter introducing Lady Bullseye concludes with an open ending, nothing clearly foreseeable and several questions yet to be answered. The story will continue with the next five -part arc, titled "Return of the King". It will end with the 500th issue of Daredevil and will feature Wilson Fisk, the once Kingpin, returning to NY from his exile in Europe.

The hand is dealt.

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