Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Women. Can't Live Without Them...

As I told in the recap of the latest storyarc in my previous entry, Matt and Dakota's fugacious affair has been discovered by Milla's parents, thanks to the machinations of the Hand and to a private eye they hired to keep tabs (not to mention Matt's negligency in not properly closing the curtains of his bedroom windows when it would've been most opportune).

Be as it may, right after the deed, Matt was pretty tortured over the fact of having betrayed his wife (who, bears repeating, is currently in an insane asylum after having been driven crazy by one of Matt's enemies). Dakota tried to calm him down, in her own peculiar way:

So they temporarily resolve to try and forget about it and carry on with their lives. Until the Donovans show up at their office with the photos, that is.
At that point, it all became much more complicated to digest for the pretty private eye, who ran away without saying a word, leaving Matt and the others to try and figure out what to do. Here's what I would've said if I were Matt when, later, he tried to call her and got her answering machine:

(Disclaimer: the image below has been altered for the purpose of parody)

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