Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Devils and Bats, appendix.

So, another small thing about the Bat, and then we'll never mention him anymore.
You know how the saying goes, right? That corny saying that is so popular among the comic book geeks of the internet era:

"Batman can beat anyone, with enough preparation"

There's a proverb for that, in my native tongue. It says: "Se mio nonno avesse le ruote sarebbe una carriola". I'll save my non-Italian-literate readers the translation.
I'll just say that it is more reasonable for a hero not to have the luxury of "enough preparation" to face a specific danger, or the even greater luxury of being allowed by the writer to surprisingly have that (sometimes highly sophisticated) right tool to tackle that specific enemy whom he's fighting (even when no preparation whatsoever was given to begin with).

So, given a situation where a bunch of heroes must face a superpowerful foe that has just popped out, probably Batman would circle around that enemy, and then, amidst the amazement of everyone, take him out by using the infamous right tool he happens to have in the utility belt, or by exploiting the weakpoint only he, with his insanely sharp intelligence, has managed to spot.

Daredevil? He would fight the superpowerful enemy the same, without having the aforementioned plot advantages, but with the same courage nonetheless.

Or, to put it in other words... without fear.

I'll conclude this entry with a funny comic strip on the topic, made by friend and fellow DD fan Blind Alley:


Andrew Johnson said...

You're absolutely wrong. There is no need in debating this...Batman vs Daredevil...Batman wins hands down. Especially in the box office.

Francesco said...

I didn't say DD would win vs Batman in this post. That would be puerile, at best. I'm saying he's the better fictional character between the two.

Krypto said...