Friday, April 25, 2008

A little less conversation...

Now, because I honestly think I got a little intoxicated with all this silver age/Stan Lee/paleozoic stuff from the previous entries, let's have a breath of fresh air with some more recent material from DD(II) #63, drawn by Alex Maleev.
At the same time, this will provide a fine example of a more modern (and practical) use of the billy-club. Also, it's a neat fight scene. And, if I still haven't told you, I love neat fight scenes.
That's right. Especially those where DD shines.

Ah, yeah. Some recap is needed, of course. So, this killer guy has been hired to assassinate the Black Widow and Matt Murdock, who at that moment are sitting outside a bar. He positions himself on a rooftop two blocks away, preparing to gun them down with a semi automatic sniper rifle.
Matt, however, catches the scent of gunpowder in the air, just in time for he and the Widow to dive and take cover. The killer is about to leave and plan another attempt but is reached by DD.

Yeah. Fast, indeed. Judging by how the sequence was illustrated, half a minute, tops, had passed from the shooting to Matt showing up in that rooftop in full DD gear. But you should expect such things to happen if you put yourself against a superhero.

Very neat. You deserve a cookie.

(believe me, it's a relief to enjoy DD kicking butt without having to continuously read baloons containing silver age hero wisecracks and real time panel descriptions)

F#@% Yeah. That's all I can say.

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alice said...

Matt's always been a quick costume change artist, but this must best his record.

I always wondered where he hides those red boots when he's in his street clothes.